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"Comidinhas do bem - receitas para renovar sua rotina de segunda a segunda" was published by a partnership between Belas Letras and Imaginarium in Brazil on November 2017. The book is on sale exclusively at 235 Imaginarium stores throughout the Brazil.

This book was one of the most exciting and wild projects I had ever developed. The book is built on the idea that we can positive thinking, mantras, and colour therapy of foods can all be used in synchrony to create a beautiful day week after week.

The book features over 45 exclusive recipes, daily positive living tips along with beautiful photographs and eye catching graphics.  

This beautiful project came to life due to the amazing support and help of all the people that helped bring it together from the amazing people at the publisher, the brand, nutritionists, friends and family who helped bring the idea to life. This book was made with so much love, and in the text and recipes you can feel the positivity of everyone involved in making it happen.‍‍‍

let's get reading!‍‍‍‍‍‍



Live in Canada but speak Portuguese and want to order the book? Send me a message below.

I am currently working on a variety of e-book projects to be launched in both Portuguese and English in earl‍‍‍y 2018.