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‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Home cooking is easy, fun and most importantly of all - it is so delicious! I host small groups cooking classes in my home kitchen here in Ottawa. The classes are fun, simple, full of laughter and designed to make your experience with food a wonderful one.  All experience levels are welcome!

Join in on the opportunity to learn something new, taste new flavours, and connect with other foodies in our community!

let's cook together!

upcoming‍‍‍ classes

cooking cla‍‍‍sses

Joining wonderful souls together for a few hours of cooking, delicious food, new skills and friendly con‍‍‍versations.

Spring In‍‍‍to Greens

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2018 Foodie Trends

Let's start the new year exploring all the foodie trends to come - florals, root to stem, and seaweed are all on the menu.

Sunday, April‍‍‍ 22

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Let's welcome the greens back - you'll discover how to create delicious green foods to power you through spring.‍‍‍

Sunday, March 18