Wmnhood came to life with a passion to diminish the barriers faced by women in opening their own events/workshop business.  

I too, like many others, have a skill I wanted to share with the world. But when on maternity leave, faced with the daily challenges of raising a family, lack of financial resources, lack of venue, and an internal fear that I would fail .. these very real barriers blocked me from starting this dream when I had originally had the drive to.

Fast forward to over a year later, I was lucky enough to have found the support I needed to get started. A small community that offered positive reinforcement, shared venues, and even shared their clientele with me to help bring my dreams to life.

It was like magic.

The idea for wmnhood came from wanting to share that magic with all women.

It came with wanting to create a space where all women, jugging with the means to start their passion, can find the financials, the customers, and the community of support to make those dreams into a reality.

let's colla‍‍‍borate!


incredible things come to life, when women collaborate


As founder of wmnhood, my passion and goal is to enhance the ability for women to collaborate and find the support to build their micro business dreams.

Our mission with wmnhood is to use the platform as a mean to facilitate the community of womanhood by connecting local womenpreneurs and socialistas with inspiring women and aspiring spaces to launch their business dreams. We hope to enhance the women-supporting- women community by harnessing our female powers of collaboration to help each other find the capital, funding, and support needed to get all of our small business dreams off the ground.

How are we doing that that?

We’re creating a space where woman can promote their business events, their gathering opportunities, and launch their dreams while decreasing the barriers of the high start-up costs to even join the playing field.

Using our platform, aspiring womenpreneurs and socialistas can promote their workshops/classes/meetings/events and get the capital, resources, venue, and the support of attendees  without the barriers of upfront costs needed to host these kinds of events.

We're just getting ready to launch. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Want to join in the pre-launch? We would love to have you on board!

‍‍‍visit wmnhood.com

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