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My name is Ana-Clara, and I am the lead creative behind this conscious media studio.

I am truly grateful to have worked as a commercial photographer for over 5 years, having the chance to lead photography projects for internationally recognized brands such as Expedia, Alcatel,, and Red Bull Canada working on location across the globe from San Francisco to Sao Paulo.

The studio was enhanced in 2020  to contribute to the creation of conscious media content.

Beyond capturing commercial images to connect brands with their clients, I help infuse the entire photoshoot with conscious media creation - for product photography this means offering recommendations on how colours can play together to create different emotions, for personal branding this includes sending recommendations for meditations before the photoshoot.

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Background and Inspiration

As a commercial photographer, I am aware of the tremendous impact imagery and video have on consumers. Through media interaction; feelings, emotions, and intentions for actions are sparked.  Media holds great power for influence for human action and human connection.

As a creative, I am grateful to collaborate with conscious brands to create content that inspires and connects individuals with the brand's mission and values.

Beyond my experience commercial photographer, I hold certification as a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Chromotherapist. This background has been the inspiration for the alignment of content creation for global good.

When working with clients I offer insights on how colours can play with one another to enhance emotion and connection, as well as offer personal branding clients with meditations and journaling prompts to enhance the photoshoot preparation experience.

The average citizen spends 463 minutes a day consuming media - what if the content in front our our eyes held the intention to uplift human consciousness and wellbeing?

High-end imagery and video creation

As a commercial creative studio, we hold greately the intention to create content of highest quality and value.

We use professional level creative equipment including Canon 5D and Red Digital Cinema. We also have access to a variety of Savage Seamless Paper colours to align with the intent of the creative project.

our loving clients

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Ontario, Canada

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Let's collaborate

I truly look forward to collaborate and create together.  All creative packages includes a pre-consultation, a minimum of half-day of content creation on location or in studio, and professional grade photo and video editing.