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Your products for ecommerce, social media and print

Ottawa Product Photography

Product Photography is a type of commercial photography for businesses to showcase physical offerings. It is photography with a focus on the product you are offering in the world, and can be customized to showcase your product for e-commerce, within a lifestyle environment or through a creative flat-lay.  

Product photography can help showcase the quality of your product, how it is meant to be used, or done creatively to showcase flavours and recommended pairings.



Images for your website and online store - let's create images to showcase your products in it's best possible light in alignment with your business vision. Option for white background, background removed, or coloured papers.


Lifestyle Product Photography

How is your product meant to be engaged with? Let's capture it in action. We can help capture images that showcases your product being engaged with on the day-to-day, in individuals hands, within a liveable indoor and outdoor environment.


Styled Flatlays and Images

It's time to get creative! Styled flatlays and images are a perfect way to showcase your product through  fun and visually appealing imagery. They can be used to inspire bundles, or help showcase flavours like in the image above.

Product PhotographyRates

All brands, businesses and products are are unique and we carefully curate our rates in alignment with your businesses needs.

To honour the uniqueness of your business and product, we can customize colours, sets, and the types of images captured ranging from e-commerce, lifestyle and product flat-lays.  

Product Photography Photoshoot packages begin at $897 and includes 40 images in up to four sets.  Send us an email below for a custom quote and a free 15 minute telephone consultation.