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Personal Branding

Yourself in your greatest light

Personal Branding Photography

Personal Branding Photography is photography for your business that focuses on your personality, allows you to show who you are, and fosters a connection between you, your brand and your clients. It includes a holistic combination of photos ranging from business, portraits, and lifestyle.



Let's shine light on your beautiful smile and make your presence know. As part of the Personal Branding session, we will create a collection of portraits to showcase who you are in the best possible light.


Business Offering

As part of your session, we can capture images of your business offering to showcase how you bring your work into your world. From experience this may include a client meetings, cooking, blogging, offering reiki healing, or leading workshop sessions.



Let's showcase you who are, and share what makes you, you! As part of your session, we can incorporate images of your day-to-day being it cooking, meditating, or heading out for a run around your favourite neighbourhood.

Personal Branding
Photography Rates

All brands, individuals, missions and visions are unique and we carefully curate our rates in alignment with your businesses needs.

To honour your uniqueness and your business needs, we can customize location, activities, and images to be captured.  Personal Branding Photoshoot packages begin at $897 and includes a 2.5 hour photoshoot and over 65 delivered images. Return clients have the option to book-in shorter sessions starting at $427.