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Ana Tavares, January 20 2023

Product Photography: Whirl and Whittle Wooden Design

One of the greatest joys of the work we do is being part of our clients story! This was one of various projects we have collaborated with Pooja from Whirl and Whittle.  We collaborated together when she launched her website and again to create product images to be included were chosen to be included in the 1000 Vases book publishing in Paris, France.

Pooja is a true artist and her pieces are all handmade with so much love and intention. 

“I design pieces that tell human stories: stories about impermanence, scarring, fleeting moments, and imperfections. I believe my work has the ability to assist people in coming to terms with these aspects of our existence.” - Pooja, Founder of Whirl and Whittle

Pooja was looking for collection of simple product images to be showcased within the 1000 vases book publishing, and we created a few simple yet intentional studio images to showcase her latest pieces. 

Take a peak at the product images of this project below!

With kindness,


Written by

Ana Tavares

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