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Ana Tavares, October 3 2020

Personal Branding Photoshoot: Shamanic Healing + Coaching, Kristina Mira

How do you practice gratitude? Earlier this year, I started scheduling in 5 minutes during my workday to write a gratitude list specifically related to work in career.  ✨

It changes day-to-day, and time and time again something I am grateful for are the inspiring and fascinating people I get to meet as a photographer. 📸 It warms my heart with so much to think how the magic of a photoshoot helps foster wonderful friendships and connections with so many amazing local business owners and professionals. 💕

Inspired by gratitude, this is the second of a series of posts where I’ll be sharing with you a few of the beautiful images captured for a personal branding photography session and introducing you to the inspiring business owners and professionals we have here in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Personal Branding Photography is photography for your brand that focuses on your personality, allows you to show who you are, and fosters a connection between you, your brand and your clients. As you'll notice from this post it includes a holistic combination of photos ranging from business, portraits, and lifestyle


Today, with so much excitement I introduce you to Kristina Mira. Kristina is a local shamanic healing practitioner, life alignment coach, sound healer, and overall one of the most amazing, tuned in women I have ever had the honour to meet.

Kristina shares love, abundance and helps ignite our inner truth from even the slightest interaction. We first connected last year at Yoga Attic and our friendship has expanded ever since. When Kristina reached out wanting to create new photos to help share her offerings with the world, my heart filled with excitement as knew that this would be a day filled with frequency of love.

We met at Kristina's home, where I had the chance to capture her performing a healing, and infusing her elixirs with energies of love, grounding, and abundance.

We captured a combination of images to showcase various element of her business and lifestyle -  from images her in her soul's work as well as simply connecting with mother nature and all that is as to offers.

And now, the photos from Kristina's session. I hope you enjoy, and may you feel all the love, abundance and wellness radiate from the photos! 

With kindness,

Written by

Ana Tavares

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