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Ana Tavares, December 3 2019

Branding Photoshoot: Holiyay Craft Market!

I love photography for its ability to share stories. Believe it or not, it often goes beyond the story the photo tells. 📸

Photography opens the space to share stories between friends, professionals. I think the pure stories show up over a cup of coffee pre-photoshoot, or in between the camera shutters . ☕️ 

Feeling truly grateful today, as got to chance to create and hear the stories of one of my favourite Ottawa female entrepreneurs.

Amanda Cockburn is one of the most INSPIRING women here in Ottawa. She is one of the most genuine, supportive, and community led women I know. She's always creating, fostering community, showcasing local makers, helping female professionals and entrepreneurs reach their greatest dreams. She is the founder of Freewheeling Craft Market and the Gem Conference. 💕

This was our first branding photoshoot together, to create a few holiday inspired photos for the upcoming Holiyay Craft Market!

We also had Chantal join in from @Chantsy (have you seen her amazing instagram?) We captured pics of her favourite market items, to help create her yearly holiday gift list. 

Bringing together over 110 local makers under a single roof, you know it's gonna be a special one. And in Amanda's own words... "Not a mall, not a flea market ...  an inspiring marketplace". 

II got my tickets for the pre-shop night on December 6th; and will be heading with my suitcase right from the airport to join in the party.  You can pick up your tickets right here . They're having a bring a friend special, so definitely call your girlfriends and join in!

See you at the market xo 

The Shaw Centre - Saturday, Dec 7th 10-7 & Sunday, Dec 8th 10-5


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With kindness,

Written by

Ana Tavares

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