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Ana Tavares, September 24 2020

Personal Branding Photoshoot: Holistic Nutritionist, Katie Venturie

How do you practice gratitude? Earlier this year, I started scheduling in 5 minutes during my workday to write a gratitude list specifically related to work in career.  ✨

It changes day-to-day, and time and time again something I am grateful for are the inspiring and fascinating people I get to meet as a photographer. 📸 It warms my heart with so much to think how the magic of a photoshoot helps foster wonderful friendships and connections with so many amazing local business owners and professionals. 💕

Inspired by gratitude, this is the first of a series of posts where I’ll be sharing with you a few of the beautiful images captured for a personal branding photography session and introducing you to the inspiring business owners and professionals we have here in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Personal Branding Photography is photography for your brand that focuses on your personality, allows you to show who you are, and fosters a connection between you, your brand and your clients. As you'll notice from this post it includes a holistic combination of photos ranging from business, portraits, and lifestyle


Today, with so much excitement I introduce you to Katie Venturie. Katie is a local Holistic Nutritionist here in Ottawa, ON - found at The Drs. Daughter 🍏🍐🍉🍓

You may probably have guessed from her business name that Katie’s father is a Doctor and so nutrition and wellness are topics she’s been embodied into her whole entire life.  Katie’s focus for business ? Sports nutrition! 🏒⚽️🏀

Katie and I connected through a common friend (Kendra) and we did the photoshoot as her brand new apartment here in Ottawa. When deciding on a location for the photos, Katie mentioned she was in the middle of a move and would love to capture the photos at her new space. When I say the middle of a move, we kid you not - her move took place 3 days before we captured these photos.

As soon as I arrived, my heart filled with joy to experience the beautiful holistic space Katie created as a her home. Filled with the scent of eucalyptus, minimal and bright and airy decor. 🌿As you’ll see below -  the space was truly perfect to capture Katie in her element for her branding session.

We captured a combination of images to showcase various element of her business and lifestyle -  from images of the delicious recipes and food the creates, to her time creating new content and developing her business, home workouts, and of course - the importance of time to simply live life and enjoy a cup of tea in the comfiest of chairs.

The photos will help populate her brand new website (coming soon!) as well as social media and stories. 

And now, the photos from Katies branding session. Hope you enjoy! 

With kindness,

Ana Tavares

Ready to book your own Personal Branding Session? I would be honoured to collaborate together and share your story with the world. Learn more here.

Written by

Ana Tavares

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